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Get More Out Of Your Existing Property: Home Addition Ideas

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Whether your family has expanded; your needs have changed or if your current home feels too small… a home addition can add valuable space without having to sell your current home and find a new one.

A consult with a professional contractor, that specializes in home additions, can result in a clear path to expanding your home… while keeping all the aspects that you currently love intact. From a sun room or deck to a media room, with a well-planned home addition you’ll love your home more than ever.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Two great ways to add space to your home also happen to be superb ways to capture outdoor views and create outdoor living space. A deck added onto the outside of your home adds beauty and value, while giving you a place to relax, unwind and entertain. Adding on a deck is often a quick project, with minimal impact to your daily routine.

A sunroom, or four-season room, brings the outdoors “in”. You can enjoy the natural light and feeling of being outside year-round, without the annoyance of bugs and poor weather. A sunroom can be a great place to relax, keep indoor plants, and enjoy the surrounding landscapes. From the hottest days of summer, to the middle of a snowstorm, you can experience the joys and benefits of the outdoors in climate-controlled comfort.

Specialty Rooms

If you aren’t careful, certain interests and hobbies can end up taking over the whole home! Building a specialized room to house your “gear” can free up space in other areas of the home while providing the ideal space for your interest or hobby. A custom-built craft room or woodshop can keep debris and materials contained and organized, while providing proper lighting, ventilation, and electrical access for whatever projects you love to tackle.

A media room is a very popular home addition. With large-screen, 3D, and other specialty TVs, watching a movie in your home can approach the experience of a theater. By incorporating lighting, sound systems, video games, and more, you can create the perfect space for enjoying all your home media.

All-Purpose Spaces

Sometimes what your home needs is more general living space. In many homes, the basement is wasted space, filled with poorly organized storage areas, cobwebs, and dark corners! Take advantage of this space by adding a finished basement. With some creativity, you can incorporate storage space, a bar, entertaining space, video games, extra sleeping space, or whatever else your home may be lacking… all without having to add to the existing footprint of your home.

A great room has become an increasingly popular home addition, opening up a large multi-purpose space. It can be used for casual dining and entertaining, TV, relaxing, and more. Many families enjoy the freedom of this open space, which can even extend to include the kitchen space, allowing the cook to interact with the family or guests while preparing meals.

Get Started

If you love your home but it just feels too small, a home addition can add the space and value you need. Consider what kind of space would be most valuable including:

  • Outdoor living space
  • Multi-purpose rooms:
  • Specialty areas

At Providence Custom Homes, we specialize in home additions and can assist you in determining the best means of designing and adding the space your family needs. You can also enjoy having extra living space in the home and neighborhood you already love.